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Just great hair extensions and wigs

Retailers and beauty saloons promise the world when it comes to human hair. They make promises about the quality, the quantity and about the origin of the hair. The reality is, that virgin often is not virgin, Brazilian is not Brazilian and enough is not enough.

At LaJessi we like to deliver what we promise. Does it matter out of which country the hair comes? Yes it does. But do you know which country or supplier delivers the best kinky curly hair at this moment? LaJessi knows. Therefore you know; the best hair is LaJessi hair. Just to prove it, we offer free samples. Order them here at the shop.

Because we know you’ll be happy with LaJessi hair, we offer the happiness guarantee. In case you are not completely satisfied with the product, just contact us within 10 days of receiving the product. We will find a solution for your needs.

Thats what I stand for,

Ana David


 Ana David showing Curly LaJessi Extensions

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