The perfect parting

Published on 28-02-2013

  • The perfect parting

I have been working on it for months; how to have a perfect parting. You could even say that I have been obsessed with it. No, I´m not parting in my relationship. I´m not ready to kick him out. I´m talking about partings of my wigs. The wigs that I produce for my customers are really beautiful and the ladies are very happy with them. However, there os always room for improvement. That´s why I have been experimenting on my own wigs. And today I have done it. I have made the perfect parting.

What makes the perfect parting?

If it looks like the hair grows out of the scalp and the parting runs up to the crown of your head you are almost there. The color of the parting should fit perfectly to the color of your head skin.

Start by finding the right materials. Real remy virgin hair for both the extensions and the closure, the full lace cap and the correct thread. This time, I have chosen straight 24” weaves. The thread comes from an Afroshop in Krefeld (Germany).

The full lace cap

I have just added the full lace cap to the shop. The choice of color is important, because if the color of the cap is similar to that of your head skin, you can leave the cap intact. That will decrease the amount of work and the cap will fit better. I chose the color dark brown.

The closure

The closure of my choice is a 16” straight closure. The length of the hair is much shorter than the rest of the wig. That way you layer your hairs, which will add volume to your hair. Creating the parting is done with a tweazer. Don´t remove all the hair on the place where the parting should be. Just remove about 80%. The width of the parting should be about 3 mm. Some places should be a bit wider other places should be a bit smaller. Perfectly straight doesn´t exist in nature.

I´m glad that I managed to perfect this detail of wigmaking. This way I can make even better wigs. Not only my customers will benefit from this. It will also benefit me and my lovelife. So there won´t be a parting there....


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