LaJessi Custom Wigs

Extensions can be beautiful. They change your whole appearance. However, it takes time and money to fix them. When they are fixed it's a shame to remove them to quickly, just to get a new style. That is the reason we create custom wigs. Especially made for you. With your choice of hair and your personal style.

The LaJessi wigs have some adventages;

  • You can apply them quickly, without visiting your hair stylist
  • The hair is sowed on without cutting the tracks. Therefor you can reuse the hair, when you want a different style.
  • The LaJessi wigs are made in such a way, that the weft is kept intact. Therefor they last longer.
  • They are wigs, but don't look like it. That is because of the technique used and because it was custom made for you.
  • Sometimes your hair needs a rest from extensions. Changing the extensions too often, putting the hair too tight and wrong techniques break down your own hair. So give your hair a break and wear a LaJessi wig.


The most common styles of wigs that LaJessi makes are;

u-part wig 

The U-part wig.

It look very natural, because you leave out some of your own hair. When you choose the right hair, color and texture this will look briliant on you.
full wig 

The Full wig.

This is like the U-part wig, but we add a top closure. These kind of wigs are for those days that you don't feel like blending or when your natural hair has a different color.
fringe style wig 

The Fringe style wig.

This is our favourite style. It is however difficult to find a hairstylist who can make one that doesn't look wiggy. We can however make it for you.



So, if you are looking for a fast and easy hairstyle, without pain and without waiting, let us help you. We love to make a wig for you, that will make sure that you always look like you have just come out of the best beauty salon in the world. Every wig, made by LaJessi comes with instructions on how to install.

To custom fit a wig, please contact us, so that we can work out the details of your order.

Every stylish women, needs at least one LaJessi custom wig!