Established in 2012 with one task; to find the best quality hair worldwide and offer it for affordable prices. In the Netherlands we post- processing the hair into extensions, closures, frontals and wigs. Instead of naming the hair by the country of origin, which doesn't say anything about the real origin, texture or quality, we just promise and deliver LaJessi royal class hair. 

LaJessi likes to offer you advise on all your hair-issues. Our stylist will gladly help you deceiding which hair type and style fits you. 

What we specialise in

  • We are specialists in selecting and importing bulk hair 
  • We process the hair into weaves, frontals and closures
  • We specialise in customizing wigs for beautyful people


About the owner

LaJessi is a privately owned company based in the Netherlands. It's main goal is to supply women with high quality hair and hair products to make them feel beautiful and stylish. With a management, which has more than 10 years of experience in hair extensions, we can provide what we promise.

Ana David