Installing weaves

Weaves are great to quickly add length and volume to your hair. They are suitable for every woman. There are many ways to attach weaves to your head.


This is the most common and oldest form of applying hair extension. The key to make a sew-in weaves is creating a corn row or track around the head. It also needs to be as close to the scalp as possible and the hair extensions are sewn directly into the tracks. Your own hair is then laid over the tracks for a natural look.


The extensions securely attach to your hair with small clips that were sewn onto the hair extensions that clip & “hide” right under your own hair by small snap-on clips

Skin weft

Just use any hair extension glue or hair tape on the inner surface of the strip and put them on to your own hair. They can be easily removed with any hair glue remover with acetone base. They look natural without any noticeable bumps. These are easy, fast and safe method to add hair extensions.